Continental lite airline case study

It is important that the unions are sufficiently explained about the changes in the compensation system that Continental would like to bring in. We are glad you are enjoying Advertising Age. Southwest Airlines Decision Making Process 1. Creation of value for customers gives the airlines distinct competitive advantage.

These meetings allowed for effective communication and collaboration between both companies for an assessment of business Continental lite airline case study and solutions.

Meaning that, market or industry dominated by a small number of sellers. What the competitors seem to be missing is the unique and successful internal relationship that Southwest Airlines has mastered.

Southwest believes their competitive advantage lies mainly with their people and how they are managed and not so much with their pricing Continental lite airline case study. It was evident that Continental needed to make serious changes in their organization if they were going to survive in such a competitive market.

It was in the first rank compare to the Shuttle By United. So, when one of them increase their fare, it will lead to a Continental lite airline case study in sales as consumers buy the competition's product or service. The recommendations in the area of cost cutting is of paramount importance in the airline industry which is highly competitive and only the airline which is able to make an effective reduction in the costs will be able to maximize the revenue and sustain the growth.

Some other recommendations in this area include: Some of the recommendations that can be considered for cost reduction are: These flights connect more than domestic and international destinations. However, they maintained interline baggage transfers, seat assignments and travel agents. If we see the both aircraft, they actually applied the airline within an airline concept.

S Department of Transportation. It can be conclude that if the service has a small elasticity so the price increase has small or no effect at all while if the service has a large elasticity means a slight price increase will have a major effect on the demand for that service.

By using the same series of Boeing or other air crafts, might enable the airline to reduce the training costs on the pilots and maintenance crew.

Page 3 Case Study: Continental apparently is considering keeping the Lite concept for its nine shuttle markets in Texas and the East Coast where the no-frills service is strongest. However in the mid s Continental could manage a remarkable turnaround in its financial performance, consistency in its operations and quality of the service it provided.

For the increasing fare method used by Shuttle By United, Southwest Airline no need to follow the increment because the present price strategy can be used as usual but to make sure it was effective enough, Southwest Airline should thinking outside the box about their marketing strategy that will boost the existing and new passengers.

Actually, it will led the airline industry to get into an oligopoly style. Indirectly, Shuttle By United can get new and many passengers without competing to Southwest Airline.

From Shuttle By United strategy, we can see that Southwest Airline should maintain the existing fare that they offer in order to keep their passengers. Southwest airlines may want to consider opening their family hug a little wider, replicating the successful internal systems that are established between employees and executives, and employees and employees and taking it up a notch with their customers.

More outsourcing can be attempted in ticketing and heavy maintenance. Marketing staffers now report directly to Mr.

A foundation for their success was based on work and planning done by their senior team, including the CEO Herb Kelleher, and team members Kim Barret and Colleen Barrett who help put the strategy into action. Page 4 Case Study: The leverage that corporate culture and the human resource can provide for strategic advantage and change cannot and should not be underestimated.

The leverage lies with the people. As stated in the article, EDS has turned out to be more of a service provider rather than a consultant, creating a void that the company did not initially expect or prepare for.

Southwest Airline do not have to follow the strategy done by Shuttle By United because they also serve the best service. For this assignment, read the case study, “Southwest Airlines,” on page of your textbook.

Once you have read andreviewed the case scenario, respond to the following questions with thorough explanations and well-supported rationale. case study: continental airlinesinc |1 background of the company Continental Airlines, found by Walter Varney and Louis Mueller, began flying from El Paso, Texas to Pueblo, Colorado in and the CEO of Continental Airlines Inc.

is Gordon Bethune.5/5(6). In Continental’s case, we simply needed to fly to places people wanted to go, when they wanted to go, in clean, attractive airplanes; get them there on time with their bags; and serve food at.

Anderson-Lehman et al. / Continental Airline Flies High NCR, provided funding for this case study.

Continental Airlines – Case Study

arrival of Gordon Bethune as CEO, who led Continen- not study market and customer behavior, nor optimize its entire network of flights. The warehouse integrated. Continental Airways is the fifth largest airlines in the World, along with it subsidiaries operating more than departures in a day throughout the United States, Europe and Asia - Continental Airlines – Case Study introduction.

These flights connect more than domestic and international destinations. Continental Airlines Case Study Essay; Continental Airlines Case Study Essay. Words Nov 28th, 6 Pages. 04 - 18 - Ariel Kramer Summary A main topic of discussion was the competitions between Southwest airlines and "Continental Lite" and "Shuttle By United".

Continental Airlines Case Study

As they were beginning the meeting a staff member advised the team of.

Continental lite airline case study
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Southwest Airlines Case Study: Using Human Resources for Competitive Advantage – MSE