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Each moment of the screen time breathes and pulsates. He wanted to draw her. Beauty was the only thing he desired. One of those drawings soon appeared on the front page of the paper.

Lopez says that she and her designers team could often stay in the studio for days choosing the colors and materials that match. She started working in the Department of Design, Development and Production for two significant collections: Babydoll dresses changed to perms and blazers, but the day-to-day garments of the common people were not hugely affected by the new decade.

The fashionable world of Antonio Lopez – in pictures

After that Lopez was adored and requested as wedding shoes designer. The documentary particularly focuses on Lagerfeld. Some key characters Hall, Jones, Karl Lagerfeld are conspicuous in their absence, but Lange, Antonio lopez world of fashion Cunningham in one of his last ever interviews, and the ebullient Cleveland make up for it.

Lopez also designed advertising campaigns in many parts of the world, including a trend-setting series of advertisements for Bloomingdale's in the last decade. He was 44 years old. At the age of twelve he was awarded a scholarship Antonio lopez world of fashion the Traphagen School of Fashion, which provided Saturday programs Antonio lopez world of fashion children, particularly inner-city youth.

Early life[ edit ] Pura Lopez was born in Elche, AlicanteSpainthe daughter of Antonio Lopez Moreno, a shoe manufacturer who founded his Company as a family business in during the rapid growth of the shoe industry in [Spain]. C cosmetics Antonio Lopez collection in Lopez became interested in education and devoted much of his time to giving lectures and workshops to students of fashion illustration in many parts of the country and in the Dominican Republic.

Industry Award Nominations and Winners See them here. There he met Antonio Lopez, with whom he forged a friendship that grew into a creative and business partnership that lasted for almost a quarter-century. While a student at FIT he participated in a work-study program at Womens Wear Daily where his talent was immediately recognized.

In particular his sensitivity to different art movements and styles shaped his creativity and informed his influence on Lopez. When he met a transfixing Texan beauty with Rapunzel hair and legs up to her chin he invited her into his bed as well as his studio, and Crump has unearthed footage of Lopez and Hall larking about on shoot in Jamaica, telling everyone they were engaged.

They were making fashion happen in real time. He worked in a variety of materials, including pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, watercolor, and Polaroid film, and also pursued jewelry design, conceptual designs such as window displays for Fiorucci and Studio 54graphic collaboration on Interview.

The main figure is a woman of wide culture, fashion-oriented, very feminine whilst strong. His family moved to Spanish Harlem in where he showed early promise as an artist making drawings for his mother who was a seamstress and dressmaker.

At one point we were going to publish a book of the Instamatic collection. In his way of working and moving through the world he was completely open to the possibilities. Through his talents he gained the friendship and admiration of other children as well as teachers.

Director Biography Along with being an acclaimed American director, producer and writer, James Crump is an author of several literary works and a notable historian and curator.

Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex Fashion & Disco

Lopez drew them both on repeat, first in New York, and then in Paris, where they moved inand became a major source of inspiration to Karl Lagerfeld. Today AIDS is a major health concern, with more thanpeople in the United States diagnosed with the infection in the last decade.

His body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Puerto Rico. In the concept of Pura Lopez brand was developed. His focus lies in modern and contemporary art, which he studied at Indiana University and the University of New Mexico.

Later, in the interview for the Spanish Magazine Surrealista[4] Lopez admitted that she was always attracted by art and creative process but she never really thought to work neither in the shoe industry nor in fashion. From Lopez began to expand the bag line and to introduce them to the main collections.

Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex, Fashion and Disco

The film focuses mainly on Antonio Lopez as a person and his posse, rather than the work and talent that made Lopez famous. Antonio and Ramos returned to New York in and set up a studio at Broadway. And it was a challenge to me, because then when I made the dress I have to make it like his drawing.

They were making fashion happen in real time. Then the same process is repeated for classic evergreen style; then for chic and elegant style; then for conservative target etc. The story plays off of his famous name, making it difficult for viewers unfamiliar with his work to catch on and not utilizing the hour and a half of screen time fully.

Pictures at an Exhibition presents images of one notable show every weekday.

Antonio Lopez (illustrator)

Today’s show: “Antonio Lopez: Future Funk Fashion” is on view at El Museo del Barrio in New York through Saturday. Discover the most famous people named Antonio including Antonio Garza, Antonio Brown, Antonio Banderas, Antonio Ramos, Antonio Lievano and many more.

The act of disappearance and substitution is then to be read as an ironic exposure of the dominant constructs of fashion illustration and the representation of whiteness in general, and the emergence in that world of a Nuyorican artist such as Antonio.

Nov 16,  · Immerse yourself in the disco-era world of Puerto Rican-born fashion icon Antonio Lopez, who upended the industry with his vibrant illustrations while painting the town with friends and lovers including Karl Lagerfeld, Grace Jones, Jessica Lange, and Jerry Hall.

Antonio Lopez was the most influential fashion illustrator of s New York and Paris. He was known for discovering talents such as Pat Cleveland, Grace Jones and Jerry Hall.

Antonio López Guerrero (Spanish pronunciation: [anˈtonjo ˈlopeθ ɣeˈreɾo]; born 13 September ) is a Spanish former footballer who played mainly as a left back. He spent most of his professional career with Atlético Madrid, appearing in more than official games and winning four major titles, including two Europa League trophies.

Antonio lopez world of fashion
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